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  • KTW W270

  • ACS

    프랑스 인증

    Attestation De

  • ISO9001


    International Organization
    for Standardization

  • ISO14001


    International Organization
    for Standardization

  • FDA

    미국식품의약국 제품등록

    Food and Drug Administrarion

  • WRAS


    Water Regulation Advisor

  • NSF

    미국위생협회 인증

    merican National Standard Institute

2018 th
Obtained Attestation De ConformiteSanitaire(ACS), France
Obtained KTW (Kunststoffe im Kontakt mit Trinkwasser), Germany
DVGW Standard W270
DVGW Standard UBA
2017 th
U.S FDA(Food and Drug Administration) Registration
Obtained ISO9001, 14001
2016 th
Obtained Venture Business Certificarion for PU
Obtained WRAS

(Water Regulation Advisor Scheme)

Opened the Eumseong R&D Center
2015 th
Completed construction of Eumseong Plant (manufacturing of Polyurethane)
Established the Polyurethane Division
2014 th
Moved to PyeongchonSmatBay(Head Office)
2012 th
Obtanied NSF/ANSI(American National Standard Institute)

Polyurethane Binder 3 items for industry

Polyurethane Binder 1 items for Water treatment

2006 th
Move to Anyang Keonseol Tower(Head Office)
1999 th
Established as HaeunTech Co.,Ltd

Company Introduction

We have established the production, sales, and R&D at home and will expand our business into global market.
We aim to become a world-class chemical company that provides innovation materials,
and solutions by sharpening our competitive edge in high-value core businesses
while expanding new business opportunities in Electronic, Industry and Membrane Solutions.

Business Area

Business for the electronics & industries & Specialty chemical
Since the founding of our company in 1999,
we have tried to be interested in development of chemical industry in Korea, and have supplied ustomers with various products including organic solvent as a Korean agent of BASF.
After then, we have been distributing specialty chemical products to the domestic chemical companies and trying to offer the high quality products at a competitive price as a Korean agent of DOW & 3M. Based on long experience and trust,
we import the functional raw materials from
the suppliers in Japan and China at good price and offer the customers a competitive price all times.
We always do our best to supply the requested chemical products to the customers.
Business for Membrane
The membrane material business of Haeuntech has grown with the growth of the membrane market
in Korea. Now it is supplying the raw materials for the production of Membrane used in the water treatment industry, battery industry, chemical industry membrane separation. Since the establishment of the Poly Urethane factory in 2015, Haeuntech has been contributing to the growth of the water treatment, automotive, electronics industry by supplying the resin materials(PS, PES, PTFE, PVDF) and organic solvents(NMP, DMAC).
For higher growth in 2016, we will keep trying to develop the various products so that we can
meet the needs of our customers.



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Head Office
HaEunTech Eumseong Plant
R&D Center
Electronic Materials